Mageba pot bearings are high-quality, advanced structural support components used in bridges and large buildings to accommodate movement and rotation while bearing heavy loads. These bearings are designed to handle vertical, horizontal, and rotational forces, ensuring the stability and longevity of their support structures. Made with precision engineering, Mageba pot bearings are renowned for their durability, low maintenance, and reliability in extreme conditions. Ideal for infrastructure projects worldwide, these bearings help in reducing structural stress and enhancing safety. Discover more about Mageba pot bearings for your next construction project.


The following high-quality materials are used in the manufacture of RESTON ®POT bearings:

• Steel parts of grade S355 steel
• Elastomeric pad of natural rubber
• Sealing chain of POM
• Certified PTFE with grease dimples
• Certified silicone grease as lubricant
• Sliding sheet of polished, certified austenitic stainless steel (grade 1.4404)
• Sliding strips of 3-layer CMI material (DUB)
• Corrosion protection according to environmental conditions and customer requirements


RESTON®POT bearings are designated TF, TE or TA depending on their ability to accommodate sliding movements:

• TF: “Fixed” – The bearing resists horizontal forces in every direction, allowing no sliding movements

• TE: “Guided sliding” – The bearing allows sliding movements along one horizontal axis, and resists forces in a perpendicular direction

• TA: “Free sliding” – The bearing allows horizontal sliding movements in all directions, transmitting no external horizontal forces