• Higher safety during transit due to anti-clockwise drum rotation for left side travel in NEPAL.
  • Low center of gravity for better stability on rough roads
  • High wear-resistant steel drum and spirals
  • High-speed charge/discharge performance due to its unique blade design
  • High precision C shaped spirals are performed by accurate forming dies, maintaining a uniform, low, resistance flow
  • Operator friendly
  • No pit required for pump application
  • Tractor towing for easy transportation
  • Compact size for easy maneuverability
  • Loading with BHL/Loader without any ramp
  • Accuracy & mix quality like stationary batching plant
  • Quick start-up as everything comes fully assembled from factory
  • First fully mobile & PLC controlled plant with TWIN SHAFT TECHNOLOGY
  • Proven S – valve Technology
  • Suitable for high pressure
  • Suitable for Indian ambient conditions
  • Sturdy undercarriage and outrigger
  • Radio remote control upto 100 mtrs
  • Modular hydraulic and diesel tank
  • Shaft mounted gear box no alignment required
  • Safety grill open alarm system
  • Hopper and canopy light for night working
  • Bend axle for safety of pumping cylinder and tie rod
  • Fast & homogenous mixing through world’s latest TWIN SHAFFT MIXER Technology
  • Rugged and compact design of mixer makes it suitable for all concrete applications
  • Higher accuracy because of higher capacity and more no of loads cells
  • Minimum installation area & minimum civil work
  • Committed towards confirmed concrete output Fault and Error diagnosis system