• The WM 6 HES with hydraulically extendible screed is for contractors seeking ease of operation and maximum uptime
  • The wheeled paver with hydraulically extendible screed is a dual-application machine, handling both asphalt and wet mix
  • WM 6 HES meets all the laid down specifications of the authorities in all the markets where it is used
  • The paver effortlessly shifts between jobs featuring asphalt and wet mix

    – High machine uptime
    – Paving tolerances that meet or exceed those specified by MORTH specifications. – Exceptional value for money
    – Quality aftermarket support

  • Counter flow continuous drum for high fuel efficiency and lower carbon foot print
  • Ammann engineering and quality standards
  • Extremely rapid erection and implementation times with options like steel foundation and plug socket cabling
  • Efficient world class bag filter for stringent pollution norms
  • Maximum Productivity with less Fuel Consumption
  • Top Class Asphalt Production


  • Ease of operation, high efficiency, high productivity and high uptime.
  • Minimum investment and operating cost
  • Country specific compliance in electrical, mechanical and safety standards
  • Easy relocation and transportation within permissible transport dimensions
  • Low Fuel Consumption


  • The lowest product life cycle cost of all plants in this segment.
  • Fully modulating burner, simple and easy to adjust mechanism to set air to fuel ratio for efficient combustion and pollution control.
  • Direct coupled geared motors at most places for higher energy efficiency and maintenance costs.
  • A screen that uses robust vibratory motors, enabling uniform distribution of aggregate on the screen mesh surface.
  • An efficient burner and baghouse that ensure suspended particulate matter (SPM) within the specified limits.
  • Safety standards are maintained.
  • Customized options that include utilization of 25 % RAP, that enable the customer to adjust mixes to a specified RAP design.