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Use the Image Crop feature in Illustrator to crop a linked or embedded image. Crop your images for free using Adobe Express. Adobe logo. Use the Crop tool to crop and straighten photos in Photoshop. The Crop tool is non-destructive, and you can choose to retain the cropped.

Cropping Images In Photoshop CS6


How you crop an image in Adobe Illustrator isn’t quite as obvious as it is in Photoshop and InDesign. There’s no crop tool in Illustrator’s toolbar like there is in Photoshop.

And unlike InDesign, you can’t move images around inside frames to crop them that way either. But there a few ways to crop in Illustrator, and you can crop images into a variety of different shapes.

Although there’s no crop tool in Illustrator’s toolbar, it does have a crop button. It just appears in a different part of Illustrator’s interface. To use the crop function, start by importing an image onto a new Illustrator canvas. Once your image is in place, select it with either the Selection tool V or the Direct Selection tool A. Depending on what workspace layout you’re using, you might see a Crop Image button in the control panel running along the top of Illustrator.

If your workspace doesn’t use this panel, then look at the Properties window if it’s open. That will also have a Crop Image button, under the Quick Actions section. You might also want to reset Illustrator’s interface to its default settings. You can now move the cropping box around or click and hold on its sides to resize it.

Hold down Shift if you want to maintain the aspect ratio of the selection. When you’re happy with your cropping selection, either click the Apply button or hit Enter. You can also crop images in Illustrator with a clipping mask.

This takes a bit longer, but it has a big advantage: you can crop images in shapes other than rectangles and squares. It also works in older, pre-Creative Cloud versions of Illustrator, which don’t have the Crop Image button.

Start by clicking and holding on the Rectangle tool. It will expand to give you more shape options, like Ellipse , Polygon , and Star. You can make your life easier here, by removing your shape’s fill and increasing its stroke width.

That way, you get a transparent frame, and you can see what you’re cropping. Right-click on your selection, and select Make Clipping Mask from the context menu. You aren’t limited to using Illustrator’s default shapes either. You can create your own custom shapes using the Shape Builder tool , as well as the Pen tool.

And you can crop multiple parts of your image at once too. Place all your shapes over your image, and select them all, but not your image. Right-click, and choose Make Compound Path from the context menu. Now, select your image and all your shapes. Make the clipping mask as before, and you’ll do multiple crops at once. Like other Adobe software, Illustrator is highly extensible.

There are tons of plugins available, some for free and some you need to buy. Among the many plugins you can install, there are ones that help you crop images. One such plugin is Rasterino. This is available as part of a subscription with Astute Graphics, and it comes as part of a package of 19 Illustrator plugins. You can try it free for seven days without having to hand over payment details.

Once you’ve signed up, you can download the Astute Manager. From there, you can install the company’s plugins, including Rasterino. Install it, and it will add a Crop Image tool to Illustrator’s toolbar. You’ll find this by clicking and holding the Eraser tool to expand it. You can’t immediately use the tool, though. First, you need to embed your image.

To do that, select it, and then click the Embed button, which will be in the control panel at the top or in the Quick Actions section of the Properties window.

You can now use the Rasterino cropping tool to crop your image how you please. You’ll see there’s a new panel in the bottom right of your selection, which shows you the dimensions of your crop versus the size of the original image. Click the tick in that panel, or press Enter when you’re finished, to apply the crop.

The cropping techniques built into Illustrator should be more than suitable for your needs. But if you’re interested in the rest of Astute Graphics’ plugins, then Rasterino could be a useful addition to your arsenal. Although you can crop images in Adobe Illustrator, it’s not necessarily the best way to do it.

If you know you want an image to be a particular shape in Illustrator, it may be easier to crop it first using a different application. Of course, it really depends on what your workflow is like, and how many images you need to crop.

In any case, cropping in Illustrator isn’t difficult, once you know what you’re doing. You can quickly crop images into squares or rectangles. And you can use clipping masks to crop images into whatever shape you like.

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How to Crop in Illustrator


Adobe Illustrator is the professional tool used for creating and editing of vector graphics for multiple platforms. It is being widely used for logo and icon making, sketching, typography and for the purpose of implementing advanced illustrations that are suitable for web, printing, videos and mobile phones. A large number of tools and options are available that help the users to create desired illustrations and perform the required editing with much ease.

The product was first launched in and various new updates have been released by Adobe Systems after the initial launch. Adobe Illustrator is from 22nd generation from the similar product list. The very first version of this software came in and then the product was adobe illustrator cs5 crop tool free download and updated with time ending up in the Adobe illustrator CC the latest version.

Its endemic artwork is based upon vector and therefore resolution is not a problem at all for adobe illustrator cs5 crop tool free download software which shows that it is in abrupt contrast with those vectors which are made in Photoshop. Getting Started : The developers of Adobe Illustrator have offered many useful tutorials that explain its features in detail.

These tutorials are suitable for those are beginners in this field, but expert users can also benefit from these tutorials by getting to know of the advanced functionalities. When you run the software for adobe illustrator cs5 crop tool free download illustrations, it displays various templates and жмите can choose any of the available templates that are suitable for you. Moreover, the dimensions, quality and color mode can also be adjusted.

For writing text in any direction, you can choose Type Tool. Line Segment Tool helps you draw straight lines, whereas with Rectangle tool you can adobe illustrator cs5 crop tool free download desired rectangles by entering its dimensions. Paint Brush Tool is приведенная ссылка for drawing image outlines and Eraser Tool can erase it in case of any mistake.

Rotate Tool привожу ссылку rotate the image to any angle. Furthermore, you can zoom into or out of image and can switch to Full Screen Mode. These effects enhance the quality of illustrations.

The software helps you draw scalable graphics that can fit into any window size without any loss in quality. The latest updates have included additional shapes, CSS compatibility and desktop fonts to its features. Conclusion : Adobe Illustrator CC is the latest version of the tool and is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

It is preferred by professionals associated with creation of vector graphics for video, mobile, web illustrative and interactive content for creating efficient illustrations.

It is a heavy application due to large variety of features and tools. Despite its size, it can work at a faster speed due to Mercury Нажмите чтобы узнать больше System which comes embedded with the software package. Microsoft 2016 klucz download has an intuitive user interface that was developed keeping in mind the convenience level of potential users of the application.

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