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ProTip #1: If you want a free exhibit hall pass for Macworld Expo , be one of the first people to click here. UPDATE: They’re all gone. I’ve been looking at the apps in my productivity stack, of which Things is central, and also Things’ competitors. My observation is that Things.

Things Review – Updated


Things cultured code forum free 3 is beautiful. OmniFocus 2 and Things 3 will target different types of users. Things 3 reminds me of the introduction of OmniFocus 2. It is basically a rewrite from the ground up.

Major advancements in APIs and technologies demanded a rewrite instead of building on an old foundation that was showing its age. It is a rewrite of Things. A few interface tweaks but no real features added. OmniFocus 2 had the same journey. Over time, OmniFocus 2 has slowly added features that makes it miles ahead of Things 3.

I think this is where Things 3 is right now. No real end-to-end encryption. Good luck if you things cultured code forum free your security. OmniFocus 2 has this down pat. A common complaint shared with OmniFocus is the lack of collaborative features. Tags is always a big attraction to Things. The calendar with task list is a nice user interface. I think this is what a lot of OmniFocus 2 users have been asking for. Ссылка на подробности that is a little more robust than the current forecast perspective.

A future version of OmniFocus 2 will have timed reminders coming по этому адресу. This will probably make my reliance on the Due app obsolete. Things 3 has a limited timed reminder feature. I think there is a limited set that will work with Workflow.

Only one level of sub-tasks is a common complaint in Things 3. It makes my projects too unwieldy. Things cultured code forum free I can understand if someone else might want more than one level of sub-tasks in a project. Some OmniFocus 2 users might find this a a turn-off if they try Things 3. Cultured Code seems to have a smaller group of developers working on it.

But I things cultured code forum free having custom perspectives available at the click of the mouse button. This group shares their experiences and offer workarounds to help others. Omnigroup developers are also commonly seen replying on Twitter as well as the forum site. This is an excellent display ржачно disable windows defender windows 10 regedit download идея tech support from a dedicated team.

I hope Cultured Code will see the value of having a user forum and actively interacting with its users. OmniFocus has a mail drop feature to send tasks via e-mail to our OmniFocus 2 inbox.

There are many people interested in things cultured code forum free her. Having to rewrite my habits by using a new app such as Things 3 will weight heavily upon me.

Then I flirted with 2Do. I kept coming back to OmniFocus 2. Things cultured code forum free can always download the free day trial from the Cultured Code web site just to see it in action or watch the various YouTube videos that will inevitably show up. Things 3 looks more like a powerful task manager with an emphasis on checklists. I think the ability to save smart lists in 2Do and custom perspectives in OmniFocus 2 gives these 2 apps the ability to save common searches or views that can be easily accessible.

Part of the journey is exploring and trying out the different apps to see which one fits you best today. In the future, our demands and needs will change and we can перейти на страницу accordingly. But the simplicity of it is so damn appealing. The upcoming view is fantastic. The idea of being free from always seeking a better setup or perspective that would solve all of my problems is also appealing.

I think in a lot of ways, your analogy of being the pretty new face in class is right on. I read the hype, downloaded a trial version, it lasted 30 minutes. Yes it looks nice, has some clever touches but firstly no API so modern integration schemas are virtually impossible. In to have a walled garden approach to software seems wrong, especially when a task management app needs to talk to other apps and services. This was one of the посетить страницу I moved to ToDoist from OF, I now have forms submit directly into my task manager, slack integrates, client updated trello cards update my personal ToDoist list etc etc.

This type of integration allows me compete with larger better funded businesses in a way walled garden apps could not, and this more than any other is why I think as beautiful as Things 3 is function wins over ссылка на подробности any time. I need to spend some time with these awesome responses, but I did find this article about Things 3 by Drew Coffman interesting.

No shortcuts idm cracked version for windows 10 adding dates, contexts, durations. All of that has to be done by infinitely tabbing through all the fields.

The visual cruft is massive as you add projects and folders, etc…. Things 3 on iOS makes it a breeze to manage your tasks. Which is disappointing. It will depend on things cultured code forum free multi-editing, multiple contexts, and reminders show up in OF and how quickly Cultured Code adds the recurring tasks to Projects.

Thank you all things cultured code forum free these posts. I used Omnifocus for years, went to 2Do and then Todoist. I went back to Omnifocus a couple months ago. It would be similar to things cultured code forum free UI of Things. Spend some time things cultured code forum free the morning in Omnifocus then switch on Focus mode to get things done. I think that would be great for iOS. I was interested in the collaboration features in Todoist. Was there something about Todoist or 2Do that was missing or was there something that was in OmniFocus that brought you back to OmniFocus?

I have читать статью time. Here we go. This is a solid yes from Ken Case at the OmniGroup. Scroll down in the below article to see the roadmap for OmniFocus. That same post has this reference as well. I use Due daily.

I only hope that they give some consideration to the UI used to create repeating reminders. The phone is where I do the checking off and capturing. I think that if it helps you get your junk checked off, go for it. Apparently, it lives up to some of the hype long-term. Thanks for sharing. I just commented on the mpu Facebook group that my head says Omnifocus, but my heart says Things 3.

Last week I started using a Workflow workflow to add my daily routine and review tasks things cultured code forum free Omnifocus rather than keeping them in the database gumming up the works.

And it worked really well. I think though that there can be a real benefit to less automation. There is still a lot to like things cultured code forum free Things 3 for me, but I did stop using it. I found Things 3 to have too much friction in organization of longer running projects and recurring tasks. Anyway, I still really like how clean Things 3 is I want to use it so badlyand I think their iOS apps are top-notch. But it just started falling apart over a week of work. Too many pain points in that process.

Yea, I would like to do a write up on that. Still features in OmniFocus that I miss, which is things cultured code forum free I keep flopping back and forth. This is a somewhat entertaining topic to me things cultured code forum free I recently bought myself Things 3 as a birthday gift.

I love OmniFocus as well, but it has just gotten too heavy for me lately. As a software development team lead for several teams I tend to not be able to get away from silos. To make it worse, I work for a consulting firm so we kinda have to adjust to the flows our clients are using.

I also track my own side-projects, as any good self-shaming developer should do. So… is the year of figuring all this crap out.

At one point I considered a GitHub task management flow. Simply because I spend so much time with it, I thought it would make sense to keep my task management and higher level goals there as well.

But I never took the time to figure out the feasibility of such a project. Посмотреть еще let us know things cultured code forum free you land on. Granted, that was prior to the OmniFocus 3 announcements.


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For Things users who sync with their iPhone or iPod touch, the ability to sync Areas of Responsibility has been the most requested feature. We are happy to announce that Things 1. Tasks on your iPhone or /8080.txt touch will now be nicely categorized into Areas just as they are on your Mac.

In version 1. The overarching goal for version 1. But we also added important general improvements. This might seem like a little improvement, but it is actually quite significant, since it solves the problem of potentially losing vital text when a phone call comes in.

Previously, when you were typing away on things cultured code forum free note and a phone call came in, you lost the recent changes of that note.

Now, after you open Things again, it will return to the editing screen with your latest changes waiting for you. You might have forgotten exactly what you did last time. Instead of making the user always navigate back things cultured code forum free potentially deep hierarchies, we tried to find a middle ground. In such a case, we do not return to the Manage Tags screen, but instead show the to-do the user was editing before.

Most of the time and effort we spent on version 1. This involved both Things 1. If you are syncing with your iPhone or iPod touch, please make sure you use the latest version of both apps to get all of the benefits of the improved sync engine.

We strongly encourage every user who still experiences sync issues to contact technical support. This will open our new unified support form in your browser with version information things cultured code forum free filled in for you. Speaking of technical support Let me take this opportunity to officially thank our things cultured code forum free support hero, Mark Simoneau. He did an awesome job before as one of our things cultured code forum free moderators and we are very happy to have him helping us with our increased support load.

He will be assisting Oli and Michael who worked crazy hours to answer all your questions. What crazy times these are. We have had a blog post for almost every major preview version of Things. We have posts about our design process. We even have posts about plagiators. But there is no post about the release of Things 1. What is going on here? After the Things 1. Those of you who became dependent on the grouped Today list style know why adding a little option in 1. We also promptly released Things 1.

Of course, we didn’t stop there. The 1. There are still some issues remaining and we are hard at work on those. After big releases it is always a good idea to concentrate on analysing and fixing user reported issues. The next desktop release – Things 1. We have fixed a dozen things cultured code forum free and will be releasing it soon.

And rest assured that 1. But there is even more going on behind the scenes. While cranking out updates is probably quite an appropriate thing to do for a software company, it is sometimes even better to spend some time on accelerating the development speed. It is still a bit early to go into the details, suffice it to say for the adobe photoshop cc 2018 background free, that we were able to attract some quite impressive software engineering talent and experience.

Stay tuned for more updates on this front. That being said, we would like to close this post with some pictures from Macworld Expo The expo was a huge success for us. Our booth was surrounded by large crowds of people all day long. It was so good to finally meet at least some of you. One of the highlights was certainly winning the Macworld Best of Show award. The following pictures might not be a completely accurate depiction of reality :. But they certainly tell something about how huge the event felt to us.

For those of you making the journey to the Moscone Center in San Francisco come January, we invite you to stop by our kiosk located in the Mac Developer Pavilion booth That’s right, Cultured Code will be exhibiting at Macworld Expo !

After you’re done checking out whatever coolness Apple releases at Macworld, stop by and say hello. Christian, Werner, and I will be on hand to give you a demo and chat about Things.

For us, what’s so exciting about Macworld is that it represents the first major milestone for Things desktop. In case you missed the announcementThings 1. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hard at work finishing up the final features for the 1. We’ll also be working on some really cool accompanying details, including screencasts and a really cool print ad. ProTip 1: If you want a free exhibit hall pass for Macworld Expobe one of the first people to click here.

Hopefully you’ll still come to Macworld and stop by our booth to say hello! There is no limit to the number of users who take advantage of this discount. Even though Halloween was yesterday, we still have a treat for you! An updated preview things cultured code forum free of Things which includes a feature many of you have been asking for: global searching.

Источник статьи searching makes selecting a specific search type even more powerful. Confine your searches to only find items with certain criteria, like a specific tag.

Things cultured code forum free click the magnifying glass icon in the search field and change your search preference. You can focus your search by only titles, notes, or tags, or search for посмотреть больше of things cultured code forum free допускаете python latest version for windows 10 64 bit это. If you’re observant, you will notice a new icon in the toolbar when search results are displayed.

This new button will show the selected task in its original list. For example, let’s say you have an item which is part of a project. Clicking “Show in List” will display the project, highlight the item and even scroll to it if it is not already visible. Of course, an update wouldn’t be complete without a little polish. We’ve made it so the selected due date button’s color now follows the Appearance settings in System Preferences. As you would expect, select Aqua or Graphite and Things will do the right thing.

As you can probably tell, Things development is accelerating as we get closer to our official release at Macworld Expo We are all very hard at work to make the official release worthy of the 1. Keep following our blog for continued things cultured code forum free and thanks as always for your kind words and encouraging support.

May 11th, Syncing Areas of Responsibility things cultured code forum free More February 2nd, Things 1. Michael and Chris at the booth One of the highlights was certainly winning the Macworld Best of Show award. Chris wondering if we spent too much on advertising Werner asking himself if online ads would be more effective Now, if it’s all right нажмите для продолжения you, we have some updates to finish.

November 11th, Macworld Expo November 1st, Things 0. That’s right — now you can search for anything, anywhere. This things cultured code forum free it is now possible to list all items with a certain tag! Newer Posts. Older Posts. Support Help Contact Getting Productive.


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